Why use Drupal?

Proven Results

Founded in 2001, Drupal is currently in its 7th full release and has an enormous user-base that just keeps getting bigger. Having proved itself repeatedly to be the best in the business, Drupal is now being used by brands, boards and organizations that attract insane amounts of traffic.  Reliable, flexible and secure, Drupal is the primary open source content management system that every size business has come to trust.

Drupal is Mobile Ready

Drupal was built primarily with mobility in mind. With a focus on responsive design, Drupal-based websites are able to adapt to a multitude of devices such as desktops, cell phones and tablets of every shape and size. How does this save your company money in the long-term? With an adaptive platform like Drupal, you don’t have to come back for multiple versions of the site. Saving you from spending additional money to tweak the same design, we’ve prepped you, and your company, for the long-run.

A Better User Experience

Here at Mass5, we focus on exceeding our client’s expectations, every time. We know your company wants a site that looks great and integrates seamlessly into the mobile lifestyle of today’s audience and Drupal makes that easier than ever before Thanks to its adaptable design, Drupal users enjoy an interface that is easy to navigate, flexible and handles various types of media; from videos to blogs, and beyond. Understanding how to manage and maintain your website has never been easier; thanks to Drupal.

Quick Entrance to Market

With today’s speedy turnaround in technological innovation and web development, it’s more important than ever to get your product to market before the competition; that’s why we choose Drupal. Drupal’s easy-to-use interface allows clients to build their site faster than any other CMS on the market, ensuring that your site goes live and your product gets exposure at exactly the right time.

Easy to Extend

With countless modules available online, we can help you build a great site without having to re-invent the wheel. Building on pre-existing versions of the same awesome platform, Drupal offers limitless ways to make your site your own: from the basics like menu management and system administration, to additional options like data structures, listings and pages that are entirely customizable, with Drupal you get exactly what you want, every time.

Multilingual Capabilities

One of our favourite things about Drupal is its global reach. Offering support that is built into its core, the multilingual platform offers makes it easy to work in whatever language works for you. Drupal’s linguistic adaptability means that clients can select from a variety of languages when working both with the interface, and the content used throughout the site.


Here at Mass5, we believe that the Web was created to work for all people, and thus we work with a platform that is accessible to everyone, no matter their range of movement, visual impairment or cognitive ability. Using technologies like WAI-ARIA and HTML5, Drupal has come a long way in making its websites more accessible than anything else on the market.

Social Integration

Whether your users are connecting at the office, during their commute, or from the comfort of their own home, they want to get and stay connected, wherever they go. The Drupal framework facilitates integration between your mobile website and other social networking sites across the web. In a world with no boundaries, Drupal makes staying connected, simply a click away.

Drupal is an enterprise class software


In order to handle insane amounts of traffic, Drupal can be deployed on a single server, a load-balancing server, or a distributed server cluster.


More often than not, Drupal is deployed using LAMP software (Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database and PHP).
This reliable software makes choosing Drupal the best choice for a high performance, dynamic website that won’t ever let you down.


With thousands of developers working with Drupal on a daily basis, there’s virtually no chance of running into a security issue we haven’t yet tackled.
In addition to the insurance you’ll find at Mass5, a Drupal security team is tirelessly solving issues that arise at the core.


There are no limits when it comes to the granular control over user roles and permissions at Drupal, increasing the accessibility of your mobile website.


Drupal designed made to integrate with a multitude of web applications using services like XML, REST and JSON, increasing the simplicity, generality, and usability of your site.


Strength in numbers means that when you’re using Drupal, you’re never alone.
With thousands of Drupal developers around the world offering continual support and working tirelessly to improve the standards of their code, you always have a safety net when you need it.