Drupal – One Way Street to Web Success

drupalTo put it simply, Drupal is an open-source CMS compiled in PHP, which allows users easily manage the content and design of any type of website, from simple presentation websites to complex corporate portals.

One of the best things about Drupal is that you don’t have to be an advanced programmed with complex development skills to use it. It allows novice users create easy manageable site structures and layouts without hassle. On the other hand, the experienced coder can harness the awesome power of this CMS and transform it into an advanced web design and development tool.

Since Drupal is distributed under the GNU – General Public License, it is free for anyone to download, use and share. This feature allows Drupal to constantly evolve and acquire new features through the power of a strong community. The Drupal community not only propels the CMS forward through innovation, but also offers accurate support and documentation.

Drupal as a business is used by many web development companies throughout the world. The advanced level of customization and endless features it offers make it the perfect platform for building powerful websites, portals, e-commerce solutions and more. You must understand that these companies use the open source platform but develop their proprietary code and modules to tailor the CMS to the needs of their clients.