Is Your Site Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

mbsiSmartphones, tablets and mobile web are now a natural part of our everyday life. And according to most pros in the industry, 2015 is the year of the mobile web. As a matter of fact, the specialists at Forbes estimate that smartphone usage will easily soar above 2 billion users this year. This means that more than quarter of the world’s population will browse the web via mobile devices as we speak.

And this trend has significant implications for all brands on the internet. Actually we should say for all brands, period. We don’t believe that a serious brand or company can succeed today without a powerful web presence.

But for any brand or company to succeed in business, the mobile web presence must be well thought and advertised. And the first step towards the success in the mobile world is a mobile friendly website. A site optimized for a complete mobile experience is a site well designed which will attract the audience.

A very important aspect of a mobile friendly website is loading time. The faster the pages load, the happier are the users. After all, everyone is looking for faster and efficient solutions. Another important thing is to make sure the site features a responsive design, able to adapt the content based on the screen size. The links and buttons must be visible and easy accessible and the text should be rendered in easy readable fonts. As long as the site is clean, easy to navigate and fast loading, you’ll have no trouble in converting visitors into customers.