It’s a Mobile World

As the mobile phone has turned into a powerful computing terminal over the last years and we are carrying miniature computers in our pockets these days, there’s no wonder that we use our phones not only to call, text or check time, but also to stay connected through social media platforms, surf the web, play games and do lots of other things.

Mobile phone user behavior and expectations have changed dramatically. And in many countries mobile search engine inquiries via mobile devices such as phones and tablets have dethroned classic desktop searches.

Below you will find just three examples of mobile search share increase over the past years. It’s interesting how a mobile presence can determine the success or failure of a well established business.

65% of online consumers look up more information online now compared to a few years ago. And many of them check their phones to search for info regarding things they saw in TV commercials.

More than 80% of smartphone users consult search engines when in need of services or products offered by local businesses. This perfect has doubled compared to previous years.

And more than 80% of smartphone users use their phones to find out info about products while in a store deciding what to buy.

This data is provided by Google and it is pretty accurate. As you see, mobile presence has turned from an optional feature to a requirement and one can say that you don’t exist if you’re not mobile.