Just like the websites and applications we create, our goal at Mass5 is to be 100% user-friendly and compatible with our customers. From start to finish, our creative process when developing Laravel mobile and responsive websites includes ongoing discussions, constant feedback and intense collaboration between our team in Toronto and our clients around the world. We want to make your life as simple as possible, so we’ve created a workflow that is hassle-free and easy to understand while building superior Laravel web applications.

Your Goals… Our Business!

We make our partnership about more than a transaction – it’s a conversation where we find how your business needs can be reached through our expertise in order to achieve your goals.

At the outset of every mobile web design project, we bring you, the client, into our office in Toronto to find out exactly what it is you need. If you can’t come in, we’ll all huddle around Skype so you get a feel for who you’ll be working with.

We’ve mastered the virtual brainstorming process! Regardless of whether it’s in person, or via the inter-waves, we’re here to listen – mind you, when you’re done talking, we do ask a lot of questions, and encourage you to do the same. So when you’re ready, take a seat, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk mobile design, responsive websites, and applications.

Toronto mobile web development
Toronto responsive website design

Creative Design Process

After we’ve had a chance to sit down and brainstorm how to create the best site for your brand, we put together a kick-ass team assigned to work exclusively on your new website.
Our team of mobile or responsive site developers and strategists starts designing mockups of:

  • Wireframe for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop views
  • Interaction Elements
  • User Interface
Using tools like Balsamiq, Visio, InDesign, and others. We ensure that the interface we build reaches your target market. Focusing on an accessible site that is hassle-free, intuitive and reflects both your company’s brand and vision, we don’t just attract the right customers; we keep them.

We Value Your Feedback

Once your team is happy with the mobile design we’ve created, our team shifts focus from looks to functionality…

Inviting our partners to take part in the creative review process, we use tools and applications like InVision that allow for instant feedback and ongoing dialogue between our team in Toronto and our clients around the world. This allows us to make alterations that become available for immediate review by our clients, quickening the editing process and creating a more effective and efficient form of communication between parties.

As soon as the website has been deployed in a staging environment, we ask you to review the entire site and tell us what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t. Then we have our team tinker around with the details until you are 100% satisfied with what you see.

Toronto responsive web development
Toronto responsive website design

Putting Our Developers to the Test

After we’ve got the go ahead regarding the look and feel of the site, we put our developers through the ringer, testing every element of the mobile site development.

At Mass5 we have lots of experience with starting projects from scratch; that’s why we have a coffee machine that is fully loaded around the clock. To preempt any major, or minor, hiccups, we do our homework.

We test your mobile friendly website across all major browsers and platforms to determine how it stands up in terms of:

  • Functionality
  • Usability (UI and UX testing)
  • Localization
  • Load
  • Security

Ready to Launch a Laravel Website?

At this point, we’ve created a stunning mobile design platform for your clients. We’ve also made sure it’s easy to use and completely in-sync with everything you want from your brand new desktop or Laravel web application.
Finally, we’ve tested it on a staging environment and now, we’re ready to launch. That’s normally when clients cross their fingers and hold their breath – or they would, if they were working with anyone but Mass5.

Since you’ve chosen to partner with our outstanding quality behind our Toronto-based team, you get to sit back and enjoy the look, style, feel, and ease of your new mobile optimized website as we take it live for the world to see.

Toronto mobile web development
Toronto responsive website design

We Speak the Same Language

Thanks to the user-friendly design of the Laravel administrative interface, our clients see everything they need to see, and nothing more. No ugly jargon or technical “mumbo jumbo”; just the a clear, concise message that will be conveyed to your users.
Laravel speaks the same language we do, that’s kind of why we love this framework so much. And if there’s anything that sounds a little too techy for your liking, fear not. We provide support and training during and after the release period of the site to set your mind at east.

We’ve Got Your Back for the Long-haul

We really do believe we’re the best at what we do, not to mention some of the friendliest faces in the mobile design industry. So that you know how serious we are about providing the best mobile web service on the market, we offer a warranty on our coding, even after the project cycle has ended and the website successfully deployed.

Our relationships with our clients go far beyond the launch phase; whether it is performance testing, bug fixing or security updates, we’re here for you until the bitter end, and beyond.

Toronto mobile web development