Mobile RWD – UI Design Patterns

UI Design PatternsLet’s take a closer look at the UI Design Patterns. These represent a reusable solution to commonly occurring problems you might encounter every day. And they help you successfully create a responsive design app or system. A UI Design Pattern is not a finished design that can simply be coded or a feature that can be plugged into your app directly.

It is simply a formalized best practice, a guide or template that designers and developers can use to avoid issues when designing a mobile app or website. Coders must be careful when using UI Design Patterns, as when they are not used in the correct situation, they can do more harm than good.

When evaluating a design pattern and trying to adapt it to your requirements, you should take the following into consideration:

–    Problem summary – stay focused on the user problem you are trying to solve;
–    Solution – establish if others solved this problem. It can include user navigation, input, data integration and so on;
–    Example – clearly communicate the pattern using work flows, screens, additional notes;
–    Usage – Determine when a specific patter should or should not be used. It includes architecture, interface layout, programming language, type of user and so on.