New Trends in Responsive Web Design

rwd 2015Responsive Web Design provides perfect adaptability to virtually any device. It makes your website dynamic, and this is a must for all modern websites. As a matter of fact, statistics point that most websites will be viewed on mobile devices in the near future, so going responsive is the answer to cope with that.

2015 brings a few new trends to Responsive Design. One of these trends is the Adaptive Delivery technology, which ensures that the type of device is detected in order to load specific types of HTML and CSS coding. This way, the text, images or any type of content is loaded as quickly as possible on various phones, tablets or other devices.

Another trend is the Simplification of content. RWD is mobile friendly by default and mobile users are looking for specific content. Using simple and clear content, easy to browse and find will make your site not only mobile friendly, but will also enhance the users’ overall browsing experience.

Using Frameworks to empower RWD is another appealing trend. Frameworks are sets of scripts and standards that used correctly make your site appealing from a visual point of view and provide simple and intuitive interfaces.

RWD is a perfect technology for web publishing, as it addresses a huge audience. It is used to cover all browsing devices, screen resolutions and browsers and it evolves quickly diflucan tablets online. 2015 will surely see an important growth in the number of responsive websites. It is important to be up to date with all the trends related to this web tech, to make sure yours is in the top.