Do Not Ignore Mobile Visitors – Go Responsive

Mobile rwdWhether we like it or not (but mostly like it), mobile browsing has become an important part of the Internet experience. Smart mobile devices like tablets and phones have bitten a significant chunk of the web traffic that was available only to desktops a few years ago.

The fact is that nearly any person familiar with the Internet owns a smart device these days. Mobile browsing has exploded over the last period and will continue to grow exponentially in the upcoming years.

And if you own a website, be it personal, corporate, governmental or any other type, you should never ignore mobile users. According to recent statistics, over 50% of the US Internet users alone own a Smartphone and use it on a regular basis to access the web. Further on, the number of users who make online purchases through mobile devices increases rapidly.

And you should also know that up to 75% percent of mobile users will leave a site that is not responsive, that does not render correctly on their mobile device and it is not optimized for a user friendly browsing experience. Going responsive is the new trend and the perfect way to keep users happy. And happy users equal more traffic, better ROI, superior web presence, added value for you, your business and the Internet community. Responsive web design can bring you all that on the fly.