Responsive Web Design – The Fastest Way to Boost Your ROI

<a href="http://mass5 click to find out”>rwd roiResponsive web design is becoming a more and more appealing trend by day, becoming a full grown industry as the mobile browsing device market expands at a super fast pace. And the advantages of RWD are many, such as improved SEO features, social linking, unified web teams and many others. Top brands and companies have turned to responsive web design in the past few months alone thanks to its many advantages.

And they have done it for the above mentioned benefits, but also for a much better ROI – Return on Investment. ROI is one of the key factors that determine companies to empower their web presence through RWD. The first advantage that RWD brings in terms of ROI is a much larger pool of visitors. Since a website developed using responsive web design adapts to various phones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs and other devices, it delivers a more user friendly experience to all users. And users want a complete browsing experience; they are not attracted by downsized mobile sites most of the time.

It is estimated that the number of mobile internet users will explode over the next years, so RWD is by default the best way to reach them, as your site will render beautifully on any screen or resolution. Another advantage of using RWD to design your site is speed. RWD websites load way faster than other sites on mobile devices and PCs. Visitors are most likely to spend more time browsing a site that loads fast compared to a sluggish website that has long loading times.

Another advantage in terms of ROI is the fact that a RWD website is easier to maintain and update. Since there are no different versions of the site for desktop PCs and mobile devices, web admins can easily modify and update the site in record times for all browsing devices. And not only that it is faster, but it is also cheaper, as less work means less money spent on unnecessary site maintenance.