SEO Advantages of Responsive Web Design

rwd seoEverybody knows how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nowadays. No matter what kind of site you operate, from corporate to personal, no matter what services or products you offer, SEO optimization is a must have if you want to reach your target audience and customers through search engines. And let’s face it, search engine are the main channel through which you get visitors on the site.

And this is where Responsive Web Design comes in really handy, as the market share of people using mobile devices has increased exponentially over the past few years and will continue to grow. To put it very simple, RWD allows a website’s pages reformat themselves depending on which device they are being displayed on for optimal browsing experience.

A first SEO advantage of RWD is that Google ‘loves’ responsive. Google recommends RWD as the best way to target mobile users and favors mobile-optimized sites when returning results for specific searches performed on mobile devices.

With RWD you have one site and one URL for both mobile and desktop/laptop environments. This is another advantage. There’s no need to built an additional mobile website for mobile users, and focus will remain on the same keywords, content, links and so on. And you can integrate your site with social media way easier, whether a page is viewed on a PC or on a smartphone for instance.

Another advantage of using RWD is that it allows you prevent a high bounce rate. Even if your website sits on the first positions for a particular search, but it is not work and look fine on mobile devices, you will soon loose mobile users. RWD takes care of that with ease.

Another advantage of RWD is that it provides enhanced user experience. That’s one of the reasons Google is encouraging developers to embrace RWD. Getting users view and browse a site’s content on their tablets or phones just as easily as on their desktop computers is important and RWD can achieve that with ease. To summarize, Responsive Web Design makes modern websites appeal to modern users who love the new mobile world.