Why is it the time to go mobile?

Increase Traffic, Lower Costs

Not sure if now is the time to go mobile? A Google Survey from 2012 indicates that 72% of consumers want mobile-friendly websites; that’s why we use responsive design.
Also, your site’s mobile-friendliness is now considered as a Google Search ranking signal.

Responsive design technology allows users to switch rapidly between units with uncompromising quality. Mobile-friendly websites developed using responsive design are compatible with every platform and device. Not only is it more cost effective for your company, it will save you the additional work required to develop native applications for the many ways your clients connect.

Toronto mobile Drupal developers
Toronto mobiles web development

The inevitability of a Mobile Future

Soon there will be more mobile devices connected to the internet than people on this planet, meaning that more and more people will be connecting using more than one device.

As we get a progressively clearer picture of what the future holds for mobile technology, companies can no longer deny that the time to create a mobile-friendly website is now.

Already, more than 50% of the traffic on the web is done via a mobile device, a number far too large to be ignored by your business.

B2B is going Mobile

The world as we know it is getting smaller; technology is leading the charge by bringing people together, wherever they are. Businesses are becoming more international, moving away from traditional platforms like the office PC, towards mobile devices that are used to connect people around the world.

As smartphones and tablets become the go-to devices for consumers and businesses from every continent, it will be impossible for businesses to operate without a mobile-friendly website and keep up with the global competition.

Toronto mobiles web development
Toronto mobiles web development

Your Customers Demand Mobile Friendly!

According to the Google Survey, a whopping 61% of consumers say that if they find the site unfriendly, they’d rather shut it down and browse elsewhere. Users making the switch to mobile expect businesses to keep up by providing a clean mobile-friendly website optimized for use on whichever device they connect at any given moment of the day.

Quick Access

Today’s shopper wants immediate access to product information or reviews and won’t stick around to navigate a site that has yet to be optimized for mobile use. Catering to the impulse buys made by the modern consumer using either their phone or tablet is the next step in effectively marketing your product. Mobile-friendly sites allow your customers to make decisions on the go using a mobile-optimized site that takes them seamlessly through the purchasing process.

Toronto mobiles web development
Toronto mobile Drupal web development

If You Don’t, the Competition Will!

If your mobile website is not a well designed (or not existing), over time your clients will inevitably end up looking elsewhere. And as the percentage of people operating exclusively from mobile devices is rising, is that a certitude your company is willing to accept?

Don’t lose customers to the competition because of slower loading times, excessive scrolling and magnified button display; make the easy switch to a Drupal-based mobile-friendly website. Contact us today and let’s talk mobile.