User Experience Design – A ‘Not so New’ Trend Anymore

user experience designThe days when User Experience Design was a niche and something completely new are long gone. Well, not long gone, but gone none so ever. And most app development companies currently employ an UX designer. UX has expanded fast, really fast, from the need to offer internet users superior browsing experience through responsive designs.

Now, you need to know the nature of UX Design. Do not mistake it with visual design, usability, wireframing and other stuff. User Experience Design (UX or UXD) is aimed on designing the end-to end experience of a certain product. The work of an UX designer is derived from people’s problems and aims at finding an optimal solution. UX designers use knowledge and methods originating from psychology, anthropology, sociology, computer science, graphic design, industrial design and cognitive science.

User experience is situated between art and science, so the UX designer designs an experience, planning a change in the behavior of the target group. As a matter of fact, User Experience Design is an optimization, an improved solution to a general issue. For instance, apps engineered using the User Experience Design method are much more intuitive, user-friendly and much more appealing to the target audience.