Using Responsive Images in Drupal

drupal mobile responsive imagesAs you and any other mobile user know, things don’t happen very fast on mobile devices. A particular site will take a little longer to load on a smartphone than on a PC for instance. Especially if the phone is a bit older. Cell phones are less powerful than regular computers and bandwidth is tougher to come by diflucan tablets.

So any improvement in speed is perfect. Making a responsive website that loads quickly and needs less CPU processing power and a smaller download size is optimal for users. And when it comes to download size, images are on top. And it would be great to offer mobile users smaller images compared to desktop users.

This means that load time decreases. And after all, mobile users don’t even need big images, as smaller ones look just as nice on mobile resolutions. This thing is not hard to achieve in Drupalotopia. There is a specific module designed for responsive images. You just have to install the Picture module with its dependencies Chaos Tools and the Breakpoints module. And from there you can joggle with responsive images and create a faster loading app for mobile devices.