Remote Monitoring Solution

Laravel | VueJS | Web App

MyAbseil - working at heights simplified

Intuitive, flexible, customizable, easy to integrate with other systems, and easy to scale web-based app for the Rope Access Industry

MyAbseil is an easy-to-use software solution that equips rope access industry professionals with all the tools they need to be more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Sign & fill forms on-site, in real-time
  • Significantly reduce paper clutter & waste
  • Equipment & other inventory items management: tagging, inspecting & tracking
  • Project planning & resource allocation
  • Automated capture of Operational Procedures
  • Safe & Secure Data backups (daily, on our cloud)
  • Simplified Analysis & Reporting capabilities
  • Revisit all data at any time, from any site or job
  • Enhance accountability and gain new insights

Web App | VueJS | Laravel


Other Work

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Make-a-Wish International Website

Mass5 helped redevelop the Make-a-Wish International presentation website from scratch using the latest technologies in responsive design, this ensuring the best User Experience for both desktop and mobile visitors.

With ambitious growth plans, Make-a-Wish needed a solid, stable, secure platform from which to grow traffic and generate more income. As most charity organizations, Make-a-Wish is dependent on donations and so their website plays a critical role in driving income both directly and indirectly.

Signium Global Network

Signium Global Network

This web app offers a feature-rich, community-based environment where users can interactively engage in collaboration and information sharing based on industry groups. This solution is looking to bring together all the Signium offices around the world to participate in a productive and effective communication environment.